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Quality and affordable prices cannot be offered by every company however we can offer both.

Two friends used to crave for Indian food in London but didn’t want to eat in Indian restaurants daily as they were very expensive. The two friends were looking for Indian food at reasonable prices but didn’t find any which could suit with their lifestyle. After working in the day, they wanted to eat home cooked Indian food and wanted the food delivered to their house. After looking around and searching the internet, they could not find any. That’s the time we came up with the idea to create a service which caters to professionals/students looking for Indian food.

In 2008, one of the two friends decided to help other fellow Indians by starting the Tiffin service in London. Slowly and gradually, the Tiffin service grew from initial 5 customers to over 50 in a day and is growing faster day by day.

The business has been developed through a fundamental passion for building the brand, making it happen and delivering a range of products and services which all offer something new and different to what is out there right now.

We don’t have huge overheads like any other company/service as we produce the food and save costs through bulk purchases which makes it even more affordable unlike many other services who would purchase food from others and sell on with a profit. Regularly, we check our prices to make food more affordable whilst still maintaining the quality.

We have a talented chef which caters to your individual needs by cooking north Indian, south Indian, Gujarati food and many more varieties.

Our team of delivery boys/girls operate throughout london and a visit can be arranged for trials.

We are registered tiffin service company in the United Kingdom with company reference number: 07157645.

Enjoy our luscious dishes wherever you want