I have paid for my tiffin service now. What happens next?

Many thanks for your payment. You will receive a text message on the day of the delivery (in the morning) giving you a two hour time slot within which the delivery will happen.

What are the delivery timings in my area?

Delivery timings for each area are different. You can find your approximate two hour slots by clicking on our delivery areas and timings page.

What should I do if I need to cancel the tiffin for today?

You can cancel your tiffin by calling/texting/emailing us before 10pm a day before for lunch and before 9am the same day for dinner. Any cancellations after these timings will not be considered and will be charged.

I missed my delivery for today, could you re-send the delivery boy?

Unfortunately, we will be unable to come back and redeliver as the delivery boy has to cover a lot of area and will be difficult to redeliver however, if you call us, we might be able to arrange a convenient place for you to pick up depending on the location of the delivery boy.

I want the tiffin at a specific time. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver at exact timings however we will give you a 2 hour slot within which the delivery will happen. This is because of changing traffic conditions on a daily basis.

Are you able to deliver Jain food?

Yes, we can produce and deliver Jain food. Each Jain customer has a different requirement hence please do contact us to inform us about your requirements. Please note the charges will be higher than normal prices as we have to make your food separately.

I am paying by debit card. Why do I have to pay the 3.5% card charge?

Unfortunately, we use Paypal or Braintree to process your payment. We are charged 3.5% card charge irrespective of the card we use. Because we are serving you home cooked food at very reasonable prices, we have to pass this charge to you. You can avoid paying this charge by transferring the money to our business bank account if you may. If you would require the business bank account details then please do get in touch.

Do I need to reheat my food or would it come hot to eat?

You would need to reheat your food and no, it will not be hot to eat!

Can I use the plastic containers in the microwave to heat the food?

All our plastic containers can be used in the microwave and can be reused & recycled. We serve indian food in 500ml plastic containers which makes it easy to carry around and reheat if needed.

What do you serve in Non- vegetarian dishes?

Chicken, Lamb, Prawns and Fish in tiffin’s.

When do I pay for my meal plan?

You would need to pay for your meal plan in advance for your tiffin’s.

Can I mix vegetarian and non – vegetarian meals in a meal plan?

Yes, you can.

What happens if I don’t want food everyday?

We are very flexible with our meal plans which means that you can pick and choose the days you require. All you do is to subscribe to minimum 7 meal contract and then its upto you to choose the days/dates. The minimum days you need to take the tiffin’s in a week is 3 days. If you don’t wish to have a food on a certain day then you can contact us by 10pm a day before for Lunch and by 9am for Dinner latest on that day. Please note that you would need to finish your 7 meal plan within 14 calendar days starting from the first delivery.

What do you use to prepare the food?

We use high quality vegetable oil; pulses and vegetables are purchased fresh on a daily basis and in bulk to cook them according to your taste.

What are the rates for my area?

Rates are different for different areas. Please visit our prices page before you pay on the website as we have a right to refuse your payment.

I want to order a tiffin only for today, is that possible?

Unfortunately, we take orders one day before and only do meal plans therefore we are unable to offer you a single day delivery.

You have served me tiffin’s today but I haven’t paid for the new meal plan?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the renewal text message you would have received or said ‘yes’ to a phone call then your meal plan is renewed from the next chosen day. You will be liable to pay for your new meal plan.

I have tried calling you on both your numbers however no one picks up my call?

Sometimes, we are very busy or on another call so are unable to take your call. Every customer is important to us so please leave us a voicemail or email us at Tiffinplanet@live.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do apologise for missing any calls.