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How are we use your personal data

Rights for individuals

The right to be informed

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The right of access

GDPR gives people the right to receive a copy of any personal information a company holds on them. If an individual requests for their data then the requests will be dealt without delay and within one month, unless the request is particularly complex in which case a further two months may be allowed.

The right of rectification & the right to erasure

GDPR gives people the right to have their personal data erased or amend the data without undue delay.

The right to restrict processing

GDPR gives people the right to ‘block’ or suppress the processing of their personal data if, for example, they are disputing its accuracy.

The right to data portability

GDPR gives people the right to obtain their personal data in a format that will enable them to move, copy or transfer their information from one IT system to another.

The right to object

GDPR gives people a right to object to certain types of processing such as for direct marketing purposes. This means that if someone receives material via e-mail, post or text, they can contact the company that sends out the material and ask them to stop, which the company must do immediately and free of charge.

Automated decision-making

GDPR gives people the right not be subject to an automated decision-making process where those decisions have “a legal effect” or “a similar, significant effect” on them.
However, this right does not apply if an automated decision is necessary for entering into a contract between the company and the individual, is authorised by law or was based on explicit consent.

GDPR has identified eight specific rights for individuals that must be complied with by companies. This gives people the right to: